How Are You Parenting During This Pandemic?

All around the world, kids are spending more time at home because of the pandemic. Child care, school, entertainment and cooking are all under one roof for many of us. Do we need a parent's revolution? Are we already in one?

We're putting together a show in collaboration with the Economic Hardship Reporting Project and would love to hear your voices.


What are your greatest challenges?

What has given you the most joy?

What has surprised you, even a little bit?

What changes have you made that you'll keep even if things go back to normal?

What's something you did before the pandemic you are eager to do or start doing again?

What's it like in your house these days?

How has the relationship between you and your kids changed?

What's one way you changed your surroundings? Kids' desks? Better WiFi?

How do you keep the peace with more people together all the time?

How are you parenting during the pandemic?

 Tell us a story about it! Leave us a voice message or send us an email — we might use your story here.

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May 22, 2021
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May 06, 2021