Do Protests Still Matter?

airport protest

alexa mazzarello (CC0)

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June 26, 2016

When you don't have a voice, when you feel like lawmakers just won't listen to you, protest is one way of capturing the world's attention. From Selma to Ferguson, Tahrir Square to Zuccotti Park, political demonstrations have made history. But have they worked? This hour we explore the effectiveness of political protest.

Take it to the streets

Occupy Wall Street co-creator says activists are following an outdated script.

Barney Frank

Former Congressman Barney Frank believes that if you want to see political change, don't go to a demonstration. Instead, lobby your local representatives and vote.

Black Lives Matter protestor

Activist Cat Brooks on protesting the police.

Joe Scheidler

Joseph Scheidler on his decades-long career as an anti-abortion protester.

Science March

Journalist Mark Engler explains why some protests flourish whereas others fail.

"the queue" book cover

Writer Basma Abdel Aziz on the transformative effect of the Egyptian uprising

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July 08, 2017
June 26, 2016
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May 16, 2018